Miss MagSafe Cables for MacBooks? PLUGiES MagTech brings back an old favorite

Miss MagSafe Cables for MacBooks? PLUGiES MagTech brings back an old favorite


Although Apple re-used the “MagSafe” label this week for a new line of iPhone chargers, cases, and wallets, it’s not the same as the wonderful old MagSafe cables that used to come with Mac laptops. Simply stated, they used a magnetic connector so that if someone tripped over your power cord, your entire MacBook wouldn’t go crashing to the floor. PLUGiES MagTech ($11.99) is MagSafe for modern USB-C MacBooks!

One of the simplest, most convenient features of many laptops is the magnetic snap-and-charge plug from Plugies. Patterned after that same technology, these patented fuss-free magnetic cables allow you to connect your USB-C devices quickly, with one hand, no matter how dark or hard to see it is. PLUGiES MagTech, the latest version, is even stronger than before. Made with thicker wiring and a strong, braided nylon exterior, it’s designed for the long haul. It’s 6.6 feet long if you need to plug them in from a distance. Use them with your USB-C devices and they’ll give you power transfer speeds that are just as fast, without the hassle of fraying, bending, or damage. 

  • Magnetic head allows you to simply hold your device near the cable to snap right into place

  • Bidirectional cable end works in either direction

  • Supports fast charging & data transmission

  • 6.6ft long cable allows charging from a distance

  • Nylon braided cable for superior durability & a bit of flexibility

Don’t take chances with your expensive MacBook — get PLUGiES MagTech today!

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